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Your favorite exotic dream car is just a phone call away. Call today to get the best exotic car rental delivered straight to you. With names from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce and more. We are sure to have your favorite exotic rental car in stock. BMW M850 2020 – the perfect combination of speed and comfort It is no matter why you come to Florida – to visit popular bars and clubs or to hold a business meeting as you will need a private car in this city anyway. It gives you not only comfort and freedom of movement, but it is also one of the ways to stand out and show your status on the coast. Speedy driving along the ocean or leisurely moving from one place in the city to another – an elite car will make any trip unforgettable. Renting a car in will help you make your most daring dreams come true. Design The M850 model is one of the best sports cars in recent years. The manufacturers have paid attention to the appearance: large doors without frames, noble grey color and lines precision, thanks to which the model looks elegant and expensive from any angle. This car looks really luxurious. You can also feel a special charm inside. You can hardly find anyone who is not satisfied with the design. On the one hand, you always remember that you are not in an ordinary car, but in a real sports one, and on the other hand, you enjoy all the fascinations of premium class. Comfort is also provided by leather armchairs, which have side support and hip support. Manufacturers haven’t forgotten about seat ventilation and air conditioning, so it is pleasant to be inside the car in any weather. Owners of BMW are delighted with the crystal selector of automatic transmission. BMW is synonymous with a drive Producing a new sports car, the designers have taken care not only of the appearance but also of the “stuffing”. The powerful engine can work wonders on the road. Renting a BMW M850 2020 in will help you feel what real speed is. With 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of traction, you can accelerate almost instantly. You’ll reach 200 kilometers per hour without even noticing it. There are many long desert routes in Florida and this very car perfectly suits them. It can confidently hold a speed of 230-240 km/h and literally absorb kilometer by kilometer. Such a trip will give unforgettable emotions and will be remembered for a long time. There is no need to worry about safety since BMW has sports tires with a low profile, and has powerful brakes. It stops almost immediately, so you can ride confidently at the highest speeds. The car is also suitable for those who like a quiet and measured ride, but want to feel the comfort and luxury that is an inherent peculiarity of all models of this series. You can order in BMW M850 2020 and other cars of the brand in our company: 750I LX luxury; M4 Competition Sport; М4 2018 ; I8 Roadster 2019; М3; Х7; Х6. If you travel a lot or like diversity, there is no sense in buying a private car. In that case, renting a car is a great way to get the freedom of movement anywhere in the world. The BMW M850 will be a great choice for your vacation in . The new model combines impeccable German quality and modern technology. Sports style immediately adjusts to high-speed driving in the city at night. When you rent a Mercedes S Class 63 2020 in , you will feel the power and strength of this car. The introduction of modern components has improved the speed characteristics. It’s combined with good handling, makes trips on busy routes comfortable and exciting. Interior Passenger compartment corresponds to luxury class – the hand-made leather upholstery of the seats is made according to individual sketches. It is impossible to find a similar design. Metallized details control and carbon pieces add elegance to the cabin. For driving comfort, there is a projector that transmits the necessary information to the windshield. Multimedia system with large display allows you to enjoy your favorite music. The equipment includes climate control, heated driver’s seat, electric windows. The lateral support of the seats prevents discomfort when passing sharp turns. The panoramic roof provides a good view and gives the design a peculiar charm. Features Increased the speed of acceleration. The installation of a turbocharged 8-cylinder engine helped improve the indicator. Acceleration contributes to the reduced weight of the body. At the same time, the use of light alloys did not affect the strength. Comfortable dashboard. It was combined with the central console, turning into a touch screen. This gave the cabin a unique futuristic style. Ergonomic arrangement of controls. There is a single panel with which one movement activate the alarm, change the volume, switch modes. Presence of the autopilot system. In case of unforeseen situations, the electronic assistant takes control to help the driver. Everyone dreams of trying a new vehicle in action. To ride a premium car, you do not need to pay a big sum of money. Ordering in Mercedes S Class 63 2020, you will fulfill a long-standing dream. Concierge Service will help with this! There are many models of the German concern Mercedes: C 63 G AMG S Cabriolet G550 4×4 S 63 Coupe C 63 2019 S 550 Sedan GT Roadster GLC 2020 GLC AMG 2019 S 550 Sedan. You can order a car at any time by contacting an employee of the company. Renting a car in and the service “personal driver” will help you feel special. General characteristics Huracan LP610 Spyder was first presented at the motor show in Geneva in 2014. This Italian supercar possesses the highest characteristics like other well-known Lamborghini racers. The model combines the power of Aventador SV Roadster and the incredible comfort of URUS. The car’s outstanding performance and charisma is due to the implemented innovative technologies and premium Italian design. Huracan gained popularity shortly after it was introduced to the public. Many people dream to ride this mighty 2-seater and to experience the real speed on the highway. And although the price of precious automobiles like this is barely affordable, today you can easily rent exotic cars in . Burn the wind, be in the high light, enjoy your exciting open-air ride with the roof dropped down, hear the engine roar as you accelerate, leave it all behind and have the time of your life with the brilliant companion. Rent Lamborghini Huracan lp610 Spyder 2018 in and start your unforgettable adventure! If you dream about luxurious entertainment, then you do not need high costs – rent a chic auto and show your particular status. Attend an event on our Lamborghini Huracan LP610 Spyder 2018 or choose various models from the list. Our goal is to make the most sumptuous car available to everyone, so they can feel like the toffs and men of fortune. A short history of the name In 2014, the brand introduced the first Huracan model, which was developed as a more successful variation of the Gallardo. Common features are the V10 engine and some external similarities. Lamborghini Huracan got its designation from the god of the wind, which was especially revered by the ancient Mayans. His strength and capacity excelled with other gods. Also, the strong and robust fighting bull that was raised to participate in corrida at the end of the 19th century had the same name. This car fully deserves such a comparison. A word on the ultimate design This sophisticated sports car has become the trademark of Lamborghini. Its recognizable appearance includes: Streamline roof Drop-down top produced from light material Huge wheel arches Triangle LED lights Uncommonly built air intakes Well-rounded and slightly pushed-in body shape. The interior of the car looks stylish and provides maximum convenience to the driver. A neat and intuitive dashboard makes you feel familiar with the car and drive it without any difficulty at first try. The high level of comfort is due to the following aspects: Use of genuine leather and Alcantara upholstery material Specially designed adjustable seats Easy-to-use dashboard with a 12,3’ display Side screens that protect the salon from wind and outside sounds when traveling down-roofed. Technical peculiarities Huracan remains obedient and maneuverable even ah extreme speed. This was achieved by the use of innovative materials in the production of the core. The composition of carbon fiber and aluminum sufficiently reduced the weight of the chassis and at the same time improved its rigidity. Magnetorheological fluid capsule that is fitted in the suspension, helps to smooth out road defects by providing immediate reaction to any surface irregularities. EAS and the new intellectual Dynamic Steering system upgrade driving experience and help to optimize the turning circle. Rear sensors along with the back-eye camera enable the driver to park the car easily. The roof folds in 14 seconds. It is produced from light still firm damage-proof material. You can operate the top by a relevant control button on the dashboard. The sports car ensures safety for both the driver and the passenger. There are special metal arches that automatically move up in case of emergency, thus, protecting the travelers from injury. Lamborghini Huracan lp610 Spyder 2018 rental in is a chance for you to test this brilliant racing car and to show your perfect taste. This luxury vehicle will point out your adventurous character and high status. Photoshoots with Lamborghini Huracan LP610 in If you want to get a quality photoshoot with a luxury auto, then this model is a great solution. Just look at its stylish design and sporty modern twists. You couldn’t be rich to take some wonderful photos with this car. Our company offers to buy or rent it for a photoshoot or a trip to . Take a cool photo where you drive it on a smooth serpentine and the blue sea could be seen from behind. Such impressions will remain with you for a long time and our professional photographer will do his work at the highest level. You can order different photos (in motion or at a specific location). Discuss the details with our specialist and select the best ones. Just imagine how delightful this car looks in the background of the city, sea, coast, or sunset. Visit the party with our photographer and leave unforgettable impressions. If you are a true connoisseur of expensive supercars or you want to express your special status, this model will emphasize this. This exotic car will make your day bright and unforgettable and professional photos will leave a lot of emotions for a long time. Our catalog Lamborghini Huracan LP610 is not the only model in our assortment. We offer for the photoshoot the most luxurious cars for unforgettable feelings. Here is an excellent place to travel in a saucy cabriolet but now we also organize a professional photoshoot for you. Our catalog has many exotic cars for rental and photoshoots: Huracan Spyder Red 2018. Aventador 2019. Spider 2018 Green. Urus Black. Spider 2018 Black. Urus Yellow. Rental price Our company offers the most affordable prices for all cars from the catalog. Lamborghini Huracan LP610 can be rented for $899 a day. This sum is indicated for 100 miles and each additional one will cost $3. If you want to show such a nifty element of luxury, then our auto will be a great choice. We indicate the total cost but the amount may vary depending on the rental date and duration. The recommended retail price for this super cool car is $321,000, but now the car would be available to all guests and residents of . Our rental cost allows you to try the memorable atmosphere of this city through the windshield of such a luxury cabriolet. Ferrari California T has the same spirit of the first 1950s Ferrari California cars. This car has even more innovations that you can imagine. As a result, this model takes the first plays among sport car rentals in Orlando. General Characteristics The California T supercar is the perfect reflection of Ferrari’s sporting spirit, and it’s foldable hardtop and special saloon configuration make this luxury convertible truly universal. Ferrari California T is equipped with a high-performance V8 Turbo engine, which at the end of 2016 won a big number of awards in the international contest “Engine of the Year”. What is more, now Ferrari rental for a low price in is very popular. Design of the Car The perfect and unique California T model has a spectacular exterior design, a comfortable and ergonomic interior. Its undoubted advantages are incredible acceleration and excellent handling, instant responsiveness to any driver’s commands and the legendary exciting sound of an ultra-powerful V8 Turbo engine. Main Pluses of the Ferrari California T: Sporty design; Fast and easy to drive; Versatile saloon; Innovative technical components. The dynamic and technical characteristics of the Ferrari California T are Ferrari’s greatest achievement. As a result, this car set new standards for the sports car industry. The coolest thing that there is an opportunity to try exotic car rental hourly. The sports coupe McLaren 570S was first exhibited in the motor show in 2014. It became the third car in the Sport line of the brand McLaren. Its model range also includes such luxury vehicles as 675LT and 650S. Now you can feel the power of this sports car by taking advantage of the exotic car rental in . Interior & Exterior Outside this sports coupe is similar to the 650S model and hybrid hypercar P1 which has the same zigzag diode lights up to the brand logo scratch. At the same time other body panels differ from other McLaren models. It is worth noting the following elements of the elite automobile exterior: bumper cowl engine compartment doors car-wings Diffuser junction pipes and air collectors. The interior of the new sports coupe is also very different from its predecessors. The cabin obtains a unique dash panel with a TFT-display. Due to the extraordinary central console design, the auto seems to be floating in the air. It is possible to control the multimedia settings and climate in the cabin by means of the vertically-oriented 7-inch touch screen. Regulate temperature inside and run a music-surf without much effort. We offer to hire McLaren 570S in and stay pleased with an unforgettable trip you will be lucky to have such a luxury car! Technical peculiarities The car body of the luxe-class supercar is carbon MonoCell II weighted in 80 kg. At the same time all vehicles outside panels are made of aluminum. The net weight of the car (excluding the weight of the driver and filled technical fluid) equals to 1 313 kg. Despite the impressive weight, the car accelerates to 60 miles in less than 4 seconds and can speed up to 200 mph. It is not for nothing that this model is called as a “hurricane.” The new model of sports coupe is similar to 650S. But some notable peculiarities take place still. For example, McLaren 570S came 18 mm longer, 2 mm wider and higher than the mentioned predecessor (vehicle size is 4530х2095х1202 mm). It makes the cabin more spacious while the entrance and exit were fully facilitated and the luggage compartment was increased to 150L. The engine of the real “hurricane” created by the McLaren skillful team is an excellent one. Developers have derated it to 570 horsepower, having changed about a third of the unit components and assigning it an individual index. The SSG automatic transmission comes with 7 ranges and 2 clutches. It gives the extra power to the vehicle – the car accelerates a great speed in a moment. Manufacturers could not miss such a key point as the safety of the driver and passengers. That is why a speedy sports coupe is put on R19 wheels (R20 front and rear) with Pirelli tires. Additionally, a luxury vehicle is equipped with: double-arm suspension adaptive shock absorbers; several driving modes (Normal, Track, Sport). The cost of such a sports car is quite high and you will hardly ride it every day. Therefore, we offer to take advantage of our unique offer and rent McLaren 570S in . Leave impression on your business partners, family members, friends and people passing by with company! Lamborghini Urus is a brilliant model that attracts attention by the sophisticated recognizable design. It owes its impressive performance to outstanding technical characteristics. Filled with innovative technologies, it leaves behind all the competitors. This model is one of the leaders in the market of luxury car rentals in . Key features The body of this athlete is beautifully-shaped. Every detail is designed for perfect aerodynamics and a stylish look. This car combines massiveness and adventurous character. Lambo rental states that customers put much value upon Urus for the following features: Eye-catching appearance High dynamics Significant responsiveness. This automobile will suit any cravings. There are many respectable politicians and big businessmen among its fans. However, its vivid “personality” also attracts young clients. Technical characteristics and design The developers equipped this SUV with a mighty engine that can provide 641 horsepowers. It is worth testing its acceleration and maneuverability, to experience the performance of this unique car on the road. Drivers distinguish the following important points: Easy handling High capability “Supercar air”. Lamborghini Urus 2019 is the embodiment of confidence, style, and the spirit of conquest. Car rentals South Beach give you a unique chance to become the proud driver of this dream vehicle. You may also check out Huracan Spyder and Aventador Roadster. Bentley GTC Mulliner 2020 is a rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan, combining a perfect balance of luxuriousness, style, and higher technological capacity. Even now, the version came into the official market and receive a great many of favorable reviews from professional critics and ordinary users of the vehicle. In total, there were released several configurations, but we will consider the standard one. Design innovations Concerning the appearance of this elite automobile, it undoubtedly arrests attention, but in comparison with other creations of the company the design is quite disputable and at the same time extraordinary. It combines the criteria of elegance, splendor and attractiveness. I especially want to highlight the front side, which is equipped with four ancestral headlamps, a “marble shield” of the radiator grille and, of course, an ideal bumper. This time, the designers tried their best to highlight the status of the vehicle. The internal vehicle system is simple, and for this only leather and wood were involved. But even for such a simplicity, the trim is done with high quality, and all this is perfectly coupled with the technological part. Even by the naked eye you can see the presence of many panels and sensors that help in any situation to keep control of the road. Technical component Touching on the foregoing of the last section, the sedan is really equipped with many latest systems that assist in any situation. Thus, for example, at the order of Bentley GTC Mulliner 2020 in , a lane assistant, adaptive cruise control, a night vision system, a projection display and even a whole set of options for the Bentley City package become available to the driver. For this time it includes: Around view monitor; Nearest signs warning mechanisms regarding speed limits or approaching dangerous section of the road; An assistant who will notify the user about changes in the situation on the road in the city, pedestrians and other vehicles behind. Car rental in You can rent Bentley GTC Mulliner 2020 in in our salon, where only in 10 minutes after a call, our client becomes the owner of a new luxury car. In our salon you can find dozens of top-class sport cars, cabriolets and other representatives of aristocratic class. Herewith you don’t need to pay for their total cost, as it is much easier just to rent a luxuriousness. In addition to the already mentioned model, we recommend you to have a look at other brand models: CONTINENTAL GT ; GTC V8S; BENTAYGA 2019. To find out the individual characteristics of each model in more detail on our official website. If you are ready to make an order, contact us in any way convenient for you. To do this is possible in the appropriate website section. There you can also find conditions of cooperation with us. Ferrari Rental Exotic car rentals presents one of the most appreciated super cars – Ferrari. Striking design and impetuous character is what it associates with. This model has a drop-down roof for most enjoyable open-air rides. Driving this car you can hardly keep yourself from going too fast, but this is what actually it is created for. At any speed the salon remains protected from wind and outside sound so long journeys never feel tiresome. Specially-shaped seats and safety belts hold you tight and maintain a natural body position. Interior Spider’s cockpit is organized to bring all essential controls to pilot’s hand-reach. Elegant still sportive interior boasts on-board high techs and exquisite finishes. Black upholstery and paneling create exceptionally stylish look. Driving performance Designed to be fast and aggressive, the car shows exceptional performance on the road. This is not less than a motor sports star and behaves accordingly. Ferrari Spider is one of the most frequently preferred and safe exotic cars for rent in . Among the features that provide the highest level of dynamics are the following: Extremely powerful motor Active aerodynamics Stabilized suspension Electronic stability and other. Ferrari rental for a low price in is the right choice if you like to impress. It is hard to imagine a more spectacular view than a brilliant Ferrari floating along the street. Piloting this one-of-a-kind Sport car is a unique experience that you will undoubtedly appreciate. Astonishing Rolls Royce Wraith had started its journey back in 2013 and is being globally sold up to this day. Wraith is the most powerful Rolls Royce in the history of its legendary brand. The cars sumptuous design will instantly make you fall in love with it. Right now Rolls Royce rental in will let you try out this beast yourself. History of Rolls-Royce Wraith Speaking about the history of Rolls-Royce Wraith it is necessary to remember its rather distant ancestor because it is officially announced that the model of 2013 is the full heir of an earlier prototype. The Wraith model was the successor to the 25/30 and was equipped with a four-cylinder engine that accelerated the vehicle to 100-115 km/h. There were used sedan and limousine bodies made by Park Ward and H.J. sedans by H.J. Mulliner. 491 vehicles were made before the war. This premium-class car, made by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars company. The four-seater car based on the chassis of Rolls-Royce Ghost was presented in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, then was shown at the famous London department store Harrods, Beijing’s Art Zone, Singapore, Moscow, Guangzhou, Brussels, Bahrain, Mumbai, and many other motor shows. On the eve of the show, Rolls-Royce advertising agents created a series of videos. The car is ideologically the successor of the 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith model. The first sales began in the fourth quarter of 2013. Main Features Because of the cars weight, it seems unbelievable at first, but the car is very fast and can go at a very high speed. In fact there are a few more things, which this car has to offer: Widened rear axle. Shortened wheelbase. Four nicely proportioned seats. Tuned suspension, which minimizes body roll. Installed lamps. Voice-controlled navigator Premium audio system Interior When you enter the saloon you are immediately greeted by four gorgeous seats. The interior itself is made out of high-class materials such as rare wood species and top-grade leather. Led lamps in the saloon create a starry sky, which looks very beautiful during the night. Combined, wood and leather give the saloon a perfect, balanced look, which the Rolls Royce in Florida deserves to have. Right now Rolls Royce is for sale in Florida so it is a great opportunity to try out this model. Technical features All models have 8-speed gearbox ZF “8HP90”. Equipped with the engine V12 6.6 Twin Turbo (N74B66) with an output of 632 hp Rolls-Royce Wraith has become the most powerful car ever produced by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Earlier the record belonged to the Rolls-Royce Ghost – 563 hp. Besides, Rolls-Royce Wraith has the following technical features: the maximum torque is 800 N-m; acceleration up to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds; the maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h; total weight is 2360 kg. Compared with the Ghost sedan, the wheelbase of the car is 183 mm shorter and the center of gravity is lower, which gives better controllability. For the first time, the Satellite Aided Transmission system appears in Wraith. It uses satellite navigation data to predict the expected terrain and route type for the early selection of driving characteristics. The vehicle is equipped with voice navigation control, a projection display on the windshield, adaptive headlights, and a keyless trunk opening system. The multimedia system has a 20.5 GB hard drive. The built-in speaker system has a power of 1300 watts and 18 speakers. Photoshoot with Rolls-Royce Wraith Staying in such a wonderful city like , you have a lot of opportunities for leisure. Taking into account a huge amount of sights, beautiful landscapes, and just interesting places, the first thing that strikes you is to visit all these locations. Of course, visiting all of the above places will bring you a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable experiences. And it is quite a reasonable step to capture these beautiful moments of your life in a photo. However, there is something that can multiply the effect of both visits to these places, and the photographs themselves. Of course, we were talking about the car. What kind of car to choose A photoshoot with a luxurious sports car or a beautiful convertible will enhance the beauty of the picturesque places and, most importantly, will radically affect the perception of photography itself. Everybody knows that a correctly selected car model will be able to emphasize one or another feature of your personality. For example, an elite business class car can highlight your status as a reliable business partner, while a photo on the background of a luxury sports car will present you as a freedom-loving personality seeking to go beyond the routine. company will help you make the right choice of a car, depending on the tasks that you set for yourself. Everybody also knows that nowadays it is difficult to find a professional photographer who would subtly feel all your desires and be able to transfer them into a picture. You don’t have to worry about it at all, because our company will help you to choose a specialist who will be able to make all your preferences true as exactly as possible. Other Rolls Royce vehicles Company has a fairly large fleet of vehicles, which allows you to choose exactly the car you have dreamed of. Taking into account the rapid pace of development of the automotive industry, we try to follow the appearance of new models and update our fleet every month. Speaking specifically about the Rolls Royce brand, we offer you the following cars: Rolls-Royce Wraith 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost 2018 Rolls-Royce Dawn 2018 Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Rent & retail price Rolls Royce is known for its quality and reliability, which in turn affects the price. At the moment the Rolls-Royce Wraith car costs about $320,000. Thanks to our organization, you have the opportunity to be the owner of this steel beast for a few days. You can get an unforgettable driving experience of this luxury masterpiece, which will remain in your memory for many years for only 1,200 per day.